Thessaloniki's level of Gay and Lesbian acceptance is quite similar to Athens’. There is a very good and organized gay life with many gay entertainment options. The habitats aren't really open-minded, that's why it is recommended to keep a discrete behavior. Extreme looks are usually discriminated!

Thessaloniki is a beautiful city that everyone should visit at least once in their life! Particularly the reasons why a homosexual tourist should prefer Thessaloniki are:

  • It has organized gay life.
  • There are various options of entertainment.
  • A good value-for-money destination.
  • The locals of the city are very friendly.
  • There are many events focused on the LGBT community.
  • It has strong artistic character.
  • It is very close to excellent ski resorts such as 3-5 pigadia.
  • It is very close to many excellent beaches.


Gay Hotspots

Thessaloniki doesn't have any particular gay areas and the gay life is spread through the whole city! In Valaoritou neighborhood, you will find numerous bars, clubs and cafes where you can spend your time pleasantly at a very friendly environment. There you can find the famous gay bar eNola! In a walking distance from Valaoritou Streetyou can find the graphic Ladadika area with plenty dining options! There is the lesbian bar Dada which is a great choice especially for the ladies and bar "me" where you can find many handsome bear type of men. Moreover another famous area for the gay & lesbian audience is Pavlou Mela street and nearby where you can find countless cafe, bar and restaurants with completely friendly attitude. Of course, there you can find one of the oldest gay cafe-bar in Thessaloniki, bigaroon! If you are looking for a more "alternative" fun, you can find a few gay cruising spots around Aphroditi Street in Vardaris including one of the most famous gay saunas, "Splash sauna".

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Gay Events

There is a decent diversity of gay events that take place in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki Pride is the most known one which started three years ago and gathers the most people. Gay Movie Panorama is another excellent gay event, but it isn't really known. International LGBTQ Film Festival and Homotopia are great festivals that surely deserve a visit too!

There aren't any beaches at all in Thessaloniki, but you could find several gay and nudist beaches nearby! Here are some indicative:

  • Nea Kalikratia nudist beach: It's a rocky nudist beach which attracts mainly gay men and a lot of cruising happens there.
  • Epanomi nudist beach: It's separated into 2 parts, the sandhills and the old abandoned EOT camping area.Sandhills gathers mostly straight people, but the old abandoned EOT camping is considered a cruising area and attracts many gay people
  • Korinos nudist beach: It's the best cruising area and it is situated before the city of Katerini.
  • Loutra Eleutheron nudist: It's a beach near Kavala where a lot of cruising happens all day!

Gay Chatting Applications

The most famous online meeting platforms and applications in Thessaloniki are:

  • Grindr
  • PlanetRomeo
  • Scruff
  • OnlyLads
  • GayXChange
  • RealJock


Lesbian Audiences

Thessaloniki could be the lesbian capital of Europe! The lesbian community of Thessaloniki is really active and present part of the society. Some of the most popular gay clubs are operated by very dynamic women who contribute to the city's gay life! Among the few choices of lesbian entertainment in Thessaloniki, DaDa stands outs. Apart from the Lesbian life of the city, Thessaloniki has an intense cultural background that women love!

Gay Families

Thessaloniki is a small and beautiful city which you and your kids are surely going to love! The acceptance of the LGBT community isn't that high but the hate crimes are very low. Generally, Thessaloniki is considered a safe city with low criminality rate even, after all, this economic crisis! There are also many interesting events and festivals taking place every season of the year. Thessaloniki surely consists a great destination for family holidays!

Single Gay Travellers

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and it features very good quantity and quality entertainment. The gay life is very good and organized and you will find any type of entertainment you want! Because it's not a big city, Thessaloniki has managed to maintain the warmth of a village, a big village. The locals are extremely friendly and a conversation can start very easily! There are many Archaeological sites that are going to amaze you too! Concluding, Thessaloniki is surely not a big city but it can offer you excellent times whether you are alone or with company!

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